Sep 28, 2009

Product Carbon Footprint Guide

With complex supply chains, extensive outsourcing, and frequent product revisions, the electronics industry has long believed that collecting supply chain emission information is prohibitively expensive. But as industry leaders are proving, creating a carbon footprint for any electronic device can be not just fast and cost-effective, but essential to a competing in tomorrow’s market.

Instead of near-sighted focus on regulation, product carbon footprinting helps create a sustainability strategy which can anticipate, rather than respond to, regulatory pressure. Leading companies like Siemens, AMD and Apple have adopted Life Cycle Assessment as the way to fully calculate and disclose the environmental impacts of their products.

PE INTERNATIONAL has 20 years of experience deploying software and services packages to support companies assess and manage product carbon footprints. With our SoFi Software for Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint assessments, GaBi  Software and the electronics database for Scope 3 assessment, and an international team of experts on the environmental impacts of electronics, PE INTERNATIONAL provides a one-stop shop for managing sustainability programs in the electronic sector.

Learn how industry leaders are working with PE INTERNATIONAL to understand their supply chain carbon impacts!


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