Sep 10, 2009

Learn from the best – Best practice in applied LCA and Carbon Footprinting

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprinting (CF) have moved from the shadows into the limelight; a strategic tool for sustainability leaders like Apple, Alcan Packaging, Carbon Trust, Volkswagen, and more. Experts from these extremely successful companies will share their success factors and expertise with you at the

“Best practice in applied LCA and Carbon Footprinting” Symposium, taking place on October 28th in Stuttgart, Germany

  • Success factors – the real facts that count behind their success stories. How Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprinting can be utilized to gain competitive advantage.
  • Steps to success – identify the value drivers. How to get top level support and how to implement LCA and CF in the management system.
  • Maintaining success – lessons learnt and best practice in day to day operation such as integrating LCA and CF into IT systems, product development and environmental communication to clients and other stakeholders.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities – face-to-face round table and plenary discussions, direct exchange with users and experts. Answers for all your questions.


• Oct. 27, Pre-Symposium Workshop on sustainable supply chain management (limited places available)
Oct. 28, Symposium “Best practice in applied LCA and Carbon Footprinting”
plus a very special and unique evening event
• Oct. 29, Product sustainability solutions - GaBi user conference

The pressures of climate change and growing demands for transparency will continue to drive LCA and Carbon Footprinting to the forefront of your corporate environmental initiatives.


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