Jan 21, 2010

Enterprise Carbon Accounting will see explosive growth

A new research report by Groom Energy Solutions predicts that despite the slow economy software purchases for Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) or Corporate Carbon Footprints will grow 600% by 2011. The research report identifies three main drivers for the future growth: customers and investor demanding improvements in company image, cost savings from sustainability initiatives and supply-chain programs like Walmart’s Supplier Sustainability Assessment.

Meanwhile, the number of ECA solution vendors has grown to 60 and the research report aims to guide decision makers in choosing the right offering for their needs. The report evaluates vendors using the following criteria: number of customer deployments, technology features, market vision and financial stability.  

PE INTERNATIONAL has been identified as an Emerging Leader based on these criteria for the second consecutive year. Paul Baier, vice president of consulting at Groom Energy and author of the report confirms “With its large ECA customer base and global organization, PE INTERNATIONAL is ideally positioned for success in the market.”

Track your personal Carbon Footprint with the new iPhone app "iCarbonCalc"

PE INTERNATIONAL is happy to announce that the iPhone application "iCarbonCalc" is now available in the App Store.

This app allows it to track the personal carbon footprint by adding a variety of activities (Car/Train/Flight/Live) in different time ranges. The results can be shown either in a 2D Bar or a Table and specific personals goals can be set.
The app increases public awareness of personal carbon footprints and the personal estimate provided by the app can help individuals identify the aspects of their lifestyles that contribute most to global warming.
The “iCarbonCalc” is freeware and can be downloaded here: