Jul 8, 2013

Looking for sustainability data?

The GaBi databases consist of more than 5,000 different datasets. To make finding the specific data you want even quicker and easier, we are pleased to announce our new search function for LCI datasets.

This will make finding the right data you want considerably faster and easier. You can search not only for text but also for other attributes like CAS number or formula. Several filters allow you to refine your search, e.g. by country, data source, or data type.

Should you still not find what you are looking for you can always contact our content team, there is a very good chance that we have what you need, and can deliver it to you quickly.

And did you know? GaBi software not only comes with GaBi databases, but operates with other commercial databases and regional content such as ecoinvent, US LCI, ELCD and others as well.


>> Check it out here!