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Sustainability Performance is now firmly on the agenda of all large and progressive companies. Increased profitability reduced operating costs and enhanced brand reputation together with growing consumer demand for sustainable products and government legislation are driving the adoption of sustainable business practices in every industry.


9 out of 10 top Green Brands use PE INTERNATIONAL to gain the Advantage

With over 20 years of expertise, PE INTERNATIONAL is the undisputed global leader in sustainability performance solutions. PE offers a blend of corporate and product sustainability software and consulting solutions for large and mid-market enterprises across all industries. As the only player with an end-to-end value proposition that addresses sustainability challenges across the board our expertise, data and experience are second to none:

  • 9 out of 10 of the top Green Brands use PE sustainability solutions
  • PE has several hundred multinational and over 1,500 customer accounts globally
  • PE has the largest, proprietary sustainability-related content database on the market today
  • Unparalleled expertise: More than half of our experts have over 10 years of sustainability experience
  • Industry solutions and experts that specifically address the needs of over 20 vertical markets
  • PE is globally reputed for thought leadership


Global Locations

PE has over 20 offices in Europe, North America, Asia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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