Nov 23, 2011

Profit earth - profit business - new video about product sustainability

On a planet of 7 billion people, sustainable products are now essential. It’s no longer a ‘like to have’ for industry but is now a ‘must have’. Not just because it better satisfies an increasingly aware population of consumers but because it offers real competitive advantage. 


Profit earth - profit business


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Nov 22, 2011

Sustainable products are now essential on a planet with 7 billion citizens

PE INTERNATIONAL launches GaBi 5, software which guarantees sustainability optimisation in every manufactured product for us, our children and theirs

GaBi 5 makes it easy for your business to carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). It also enables you to deliver more sustainable yet price-competitive products to match your customers expectations and become more resource efficient in a world of price rises and legislative obligations. GaBi 5 even helps your business to cut costs and make your production and supply chains more efficient.


So what does GaBi 5 do?

GaBi 5 models every element of a product or system from a life cycle perspective, equipping businesses to make the best informed decisions on the manufacture and lifecycle of any manufactured product, everything from a hand-held mobile phone to a match-stick to an airport. It also provides an easily accessible content database detailing the energy and environmental impact of sourcing and refining every raw or processed element of a manufactured item. In addition, it looks at the impact on the environment and presents alternative options for manufacturing, distribution, recyclability, pollution and sustainability.


GaBi 5 provides the delivery of the 'sustainable dream'

Michael Betz, CEO of PE INTERNATIONAL, states: “GaBi 5 and Databases provide the delivery of the ‘sustainability dream’ in an increasingly populous and polluted world. It allows easy access to the quality of data essential in making key strategic sustainability decisions and offers users the capabilities to communicate substantiated information externally. Moreover, GaBi 5 is the essential tool for meeting the escalating demands from customers and regulators for improved environmental performance and greater transparency of sustainability. By evaluating new products and solutions based on environmental benefits and cost implications, companies can develop well conceived portfolios that drive revenue growth, integrate sustainability into the product development process and, most importantly, tread gently on our home planet.”

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Nov 21, 2011

Future sustainability of metals one step closer with new joint partnership

PE INTERNATIONAL and Outotec Oyj combine technology and experience to show future potential of metal sustainability.

World leading sustainability company PE INTERNATIONAL announced today it has joined forces with Outotec Oyj the global leader in minerals and metals processing technology to jointly develop a new software offering and creating a Best Available Technology (BAT), Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database.

As a result, manufacturers and businesses will be better able to plan as well as make better informed material decisions based on the sustainability and lifecycle information of current and future metal manufacturing scenarios. These scenarios will be based  on the knowledge of state-of-the-art and future metal technologies and processes and their associated  environmental impact.

A new software offering between PE INTERNATIONAL’s leading GaBi 5 product sustainability tool and the Finnish company’s HSC thermochemical software will allow users to easily develop product modeling scenarios from a life cycle perspective. In addition links to a constantly updated, easily accessible Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database on current and best available technology will enable them to deliver more sustainable yet price-competitive products.

Nov 20, 2011

New Book on Life Cycle Assessment of Semiconductors

Dr. Sarah Boyd, Senior Consultant at PE INTERNATIONAL, has published a new book: Life-Cycle Assessment of Semiconductors. 

According to Dr. Boyd, the purpose of the book is to quantify and describe the environmental impacts of semiconductor manufacturing for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practitioners and students.


Small size but sold at large scale worldwide

Arpad Horvath, Professor at UC Berkeley, states: "Very rare is an LCA book that is able to tackle so many products with such detail and over several technological generations, while not losing sight of the economic perspective and geographic specificity of the semiconductor industry, and focusing not just on manufacturing and transportation, but also on the use phase of a product.  As well, this may be the first book written for a product of such small size but sold at such large scale worldwide like a typical semiconductor device."


First Life Cycle Assessment of semiconductor devices

Life-Cycle Assessment of Semiconductors presents the first and thus far only available transparent and complete life cycle assessment of semiconductor devices. A lack of reliable semiconductor LCA data has been a major challenge to evaluation of the potential environmental benefits of information technologies (IT).


Highly relevant and useful information

The analysis and results presented in this book will allow a higher degree of confidence and certainty in decisions concerning the use of IT in efforts to reduce climate change and other environmental effects. Coverage includes but is not limited to semiconductor manufacturing trends by product type and geography, unique coverage of life-cycle assessment, with a focus on uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of energy and global warming missions for CMOS logic devices, life cycle assessment of flash memory and life cycle assessment of DRAM. The information and conclusions discussed here will be highly relevant and useful to individuals and institutions.

Dr. Boyd’s book is available through the publisher, Springer Press and on

Nov 18, 2011

PE INTERNATIONAL sustainability report 2010/2011 - Moving on

The new sustainability report 2010/2011 provides an overview of PE INTERNATIONAL AG and its majority controlled international offices and is intended to inform our clients, employees, investors as well as other stakeholders on the sustainability performance of the organization.

Compared to our first report for the Year 2009, there has been a significant scope change, with the merger of PE INTERNATIONAL AG and Five Winds International Inc. The data in this report include the Five Winds organization where possible; with the scope indicated for each of the different graphs in the report.

The sustainability market for consulting, software and content is continuing to grow strongly. As a result of this, we have decided to bring in investor capital. Furthermore, we have changed our management and governance structure to that of an AG, a corporation under German law. Both measures will help us meet the challenges of a growing market.

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Nov 7, 2011

Global Guidance Principles for Life Cycle Assessment Databases released

The document provides guidance principles for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases; this includes how to collect raw data, how to develop datasets and how to manage databases.

The publication also addresses questions concerning data documentation and review, coordination among databases, capacity building and future scenarios.


The bridge between data users and data providers

LCA databases provide fundamental energy, materials, land, water consumption data and emissions data into water, air and soil for a wide range of processes, products and materials. In this way the publication provides the bridge between the data users and the data providers, making basic information easily accessible for computing the environmental footprints of materials and products that are key to make and judge green claims and to allow institutional and individual consumers to make informed consumption choices.


The ‘Shonan Guidance Principles’ workshop and PE's  contribution

The document is the output of the UNEP/SETAC “Global Guidance for LCA Databases” workshop, (30th January – 4th February 2011, Shonan, Japan), also known as the ‘Shonan Guidance Principles’ workshop. Martin Baitz and Jim Fava from PE INTERNATIONAL took part in the workshop and were part of the worldwide authors team.



The full document is available here