Feb 10, 2012

Kraft says YES to improved sustainability

Kraft Foods has launched an initiative to eliminate 100 million pounds of packaging material from its products worldwide by 2015.

This commitment was the driver behind delivering the Yes Pack, Kraft's new sustainable flexible pouch for salad dressings to the foodservice industry.

The Yes Pack is a stand-up pouch with dual handles, and a rigid screw cap closure that replaces the traditional rigid plastic container for salad dressings. The company states the product is more compact than rigid jugs, and flattens when empty, which can provide easier disposal and lower waste-removal costs.

Kraft partnered with PE to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (Ökobilanz), which quantified the environmental benefits of the Yes Pack.
"After extensive data collection from our suppliers, technical modeling, and a rigorous third-party critical review of the study, we confirmed without a doubt that our new packaging design was not only better for our customers - in terms of yield and ease - but also in terms of environmental sustainability," Kraft stated.

As of now, the Yes Pack is designed only for Kraft's foodservice salad dressing portfolio.

More information: www.kraftyespack.com or contact s.murphy@pe-international.com


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