Nov 16, 2009

Tremendous challenges for the global business community

“We have to make significant changes in the way we design, manufacture, distribute and influence the use and disposal of our products/services.” says Nuno DaSilva, Managing Director of PE Americas.

Pressures on the world's environment require every company to realize their entire direct and indirect environmental impact and to become more sustainable. A company's impact on the environment however doesn't stop once their product or service is delivered to the customer or distribution channel. The environmental impact of how a product is used and ultimately disposed of is typically controlled or heavily influenced by the product's design, recommended use and disposal methods.

Companies therefore need to integrate an enterprise wide emissions based approach with an assessment of product/services to fully understand their complete environmental footprint. By identifying all direct and indirect environmental impacts your organization will be able to target 'hot spots' or key areas to implement sustainable initiatives / environmental management.

In an article for “business management” DaSilva reveals the best methodologies for measuring an organization’s environmental impact

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