Nov 20, 2008

Update of the world-wide, unique electronics database, applicable for eco-design and the EuP Directive

Electronics is a field of continuous change and innovation. Products are available in numerous facets and shapes, using various electronic components and electric systems. A challenge for Life Cycle Assessment datasets – a challenge that PE INTERNATIONAL and LBP-GaBi (University of Stuttgart) have now met. The new electronics extension database is fully updating the existing version, known and implemented by our customers for many years.

The new electronics extension database facilitates modular modeling of almost any populated printed wiring board. It goes without saying that it also accounts for the requirements of WEEE, RoHS and EuP. You can choose from typical, average electronic components, characterised by name (e.g. SOT323), housing description (e.g. 0201, 1608 etc.), mass, size, pin number and lead free tag. You will also have access to various FR4 substrates, solder pastes (with lead and lead free), mechanical parts (such as shielding or connectors) and datasets for average assembly lines. Pre-defined exemplary models allow electronic boards to be modeled in a snap. In combination with our other databases, you can model and analyse entire electronic products conveniently and efficiently.

For those of you who want to delve into more detail, PE INTERNATIONAL also offers parametric models of semiconductors, TFT panels, connectors and other electronic components.

The new electronics database is also compatible with GaBi DfX, the software for compliance and sustainable product development.


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